Chris Williams
Creative Director

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I’m fascinated by consumer attention and the cyclical challenge it provides in discovering and rediscovering how to attract it.

That may be why I’ve always guided creative by my personal mantra to “think bigger” – meaning do something more than what they expect.

A 405 native and an avid traveler, when I can escape the daily grind, its usually to document the world away from home with my wife.



For the past 14 years, I’ve gained experience as an art director, an associate creative director, a creative director, an agency co-founder and now I’m serving as Staplegun’s chief creative officer.


Client Reviews

Chris is truly a design visionary and change influencer … I think it’s amazing the opportunity that new and established companies and organizations would have to work with him.
— Kristin Davis, Director of Communications, Sonic Drive-In
In short order, Chris demonstrates what we consider the greatest compliment to any account person: he gets it. That is rare, rare, rare with creatives. A creative that thinks like an account planner … oh baby. His design work is national quality, his copy is sharp, his consistent sensitivity to packaging and presentation — refreshing.
— Paul Brothers, President, Brothers & Company
Chris is a rare talent. Rare, because there are few designers that can pay attention to all the little details and actually get shit done. Working with Chris for a number of years, I can say without doubt, those are among the best experiences of my career thus far. The collaboration was open, honest, quick, passionate … the list goes on and on.
— Sean Ferguson, Senior Producer, Steelehouse
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