Catholic Charities

The Moment

34th Annual Green Tie Gala

In a country where 62% of the population has no emergency savings, the line between financial security and homelessness has become extremely thin. Catholic Charities aims to affect that each year with their annual Green Tie Gala. In 2016, this event would welcome nearly 650 guests to celebrate and support the homeless services of their Sanctuary Women's Development Centers in Oklahoma City and Norman, and Holy Family Home in Midwest City.

Unfortunately, due to lingering effects of the oil crisis, they lacked corporate support they had received in years past leading into the fundraiser. Looking to us to help them with a closing video, they hoped to encourage last minute donations during the event. They were very clear that this video should not depress people with sad stories of who Catholic Charities helps. It should be geared more towards igniting the emotion of the attendees to help gain the final donations for the night. It should be upbeat, showing a sense of urgency to donate now and build excitement. This video should highlight the cause and show how donations can change people’s lives.

With less than one week to cast and scout, two days to shoot, and just over a day to edit, we delivered a manifesto that would live beyond the event and become their primary fundraising tool for the year ahead. After the video was presented at the event, the number of donations surpassed the previous year with corporate sponsorship by 400%.  




A Small Change

35th Annual green Tie Gala

In 2017, Catholic Charities returned asking for an evolution of the previous year's story. Something in the same vein with more of a theatrical presence to match the new event theme. With only one additional week of lead time, we attempted one of our most ambitious spots to date as an agency.

The concept was to create a similar narrative highlighting the potentially rapid descent into poverty. However this time, we wanted the symbolism to be portrayed by what can happen to you, rather than showcasing an active role in the decisions that lead to the outcome.

They had a shoestring budget with just enough money to cover out-of-pockets for talent (a family of three) and a few props. Despite Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather, we decided to shoot outside to save on budget and add an unexpected reveal in the finished piece. Against all odds, the end result was just over :90 seconds featuring a :60 second single-take with three on-camera talent, ten on-camera extras, one on-camera environment and wardrobe change, and nearly a dozen on-camera prop exchanges. 


DoP/Editor: Brandon Inda
Producer: Bessma Kasim

DoP/Editor: Joe Rigazzi
Producer: Cody Cowen
Agency: Staplegun