OKC Thunder


2016-17 Season Campaign

As the 2016 season approached, fan engagement was really positive despite the off-season news that Kevin Durant would be leaving for Golden State. Due in large part to Russell Westbrook’s re-signing announcement just a few months later, this small market was hyped more than ever before for the upcoming season. However, the organization and its sponsors were getting increasingly nervous about what lay ahead for the season and wanted to ensure a significant turnout for the tune-in audience. 

Our goal with the campaign was simple – amplify the authenticity. Our approach was to celebrate what its like to be a Thunder fan, rather than focusing on the individual players. Tapping into the energy, the undying love, and passion for this team as a communal experience was the key. Images of spouses, friends and individuals across generations were blended with tension, emotional reactions and abstract imagery of energy and noise to produce an amplified version of at-home Thunder fandom.


The spot received over 66k views and nearly 1k engagements across Facebook and Instagram alone during the season opener. Paired with the impressions earned over broadcast, the organization was eager to extend the life of the campaign. We responded with a social kit made from divisible content shot for the initial spot. In total, over 40 additional videos and static images were designed in less than a week to be placed across Facebook and Instagram. These included donuts designed to allow in-game highlights to be quickly edited via mobile video editors, as well as reaction gifs and tune-in countdowns.    

Jacqueline Sato
Jean Williams
Gary Smith
Harold Scott
Louis Zhao
Fred Williams
Janet Jenkins
Linda Yang
Donna Nelson
Michael Jones
Terry Sung
Diana Tamaya

DoP/Editor: Matthew Grice
Producer: Bessma Kasim
Agency: Staplegun