Archer Hotel

For Discerning Travelers

New York

In 2014, hotel marketing largely came off as an afterthought. In our research, we found that the majority of competitors either marketed with the mindset that “this is a nice place, we should show their nice stuff”; or applied image tactics designed to distract you from the actual hotel experience. Our thesis stated that the status quo was doing a disservice to the properties being marketed or positioning subpar products with fictional perceptions.

Archer, the fictional man of mystery behind the brand, treats “his” guests to a curated experience of the host city’s most unique offerings and characteristics. The focus of the brand was broken into four distinct categories: location, design, taste, and culture. Its not enough to just say your different though. To stand out in a crowded industry, we pulled inspiration from every cultural medium, with varying styles and other unique ways of getting our point across. The sources ranged from Monocle Magazine to Annie Leibovitz to Wes Anderson to The Battery/SF to Dwell Magazine to Powerhouse Company Architects and more.

The one truth they all shared was their individuality. These were, and still are, all examples of true archetypes. So we set out to make a film. A cinematic telling of the story of Archer New York, paired with a newly redesigned website experience that came on the heels of internal messaging and branding item updates. All assets were designed to match the level of sophistication demanded by the now fully realized brand persona. Simultaneously, we were developing materials for Archer's next two locations to launch – Napa and Austin.


Simply put, we wanted to create desire. This video was intended to be a true representation of the textures, tastes and culture of Archer – through Archer, and by those in which he’s personified. Planned as a voyeuristic reveal of the sights, sounds and care taken with the property, the goal was to absorb the energy and pace of the environment and experience. We didn’t want a collection of scenes. Breaking the experience into chapters allowed for unique aesthetic considerations, controlled pacing and clear highlights of the Archer experience. Below you can flip through the original set direction for the film and photography.

“The extreme attention to detail and thought that is going into the design, the service, the culinary experience and virtually every touch point and corner you turn is exceptional and inspiring.” – Michele Mangino, Archer New York General Manager

Knowing this level of detail was being considered for the consumer experience on property inherently demanded that we place as much, if not more, importance on the user experience of the website. A decision was made early on to build the experience on a single-page structure. Due to this decision, it became paramount for us to craft a visual story that would pull the user through the destinations, features and hidden secrets that Archer had to offer. 


Associate Creative Director: Ryan Cristelli
Agency: Brothers & Co.