Tribeca Film Festival

The Bleeding House

2011 Film Release

Philip Gelatt, co-creator of Labour Days and Petrograd, made his film writing and directing debut with The Bleeding House at the Tribeca Film festival in 2011. The film is a dark thriller about a family suffering under the weight of past sin, their creepy daughter and the stranger who comes to visit them one night.

Originally with the working title “Country Road K,” Philip approached us for some initial ideas for artwork to accompany the film’s upcoming debut. Before long, however, the production companies intervened and drove the design decisions without our involvement. Shortly before the Tribeca debut, a dissatisfied Philip came calling again to help him better bring his hitchcockian film to life in print. Unable to change the production companies current promotions, he wanted us to create a collector’s item – a limited run film poster to be handed out in person at Tribeca. What he got in return was more than he bargained for.

The concept for the poster art came directly from the script and is wrought with symbolism you’ll need to see the film to catch. We coined a new tagline for the film and reworked the production companies logos into the styling of the overall poster. The 100 screen printed posters were done through Valhalla Studios. The big surprise came when the production companies called us directly and asked for the rights and supporting artwork to replace the already running promotions and press releases across Apple, Tribeca, and others, as well as the eventual packaging. The film critics, already anticipating the release of the film, also received the new artwork and when the Tribeca debut hit, critics were buzzing about the film while praising the artwork. 

“The poster art … has been slowly seducing me ... I tried to ignore it ... but in the end, that cover art just wouldn’t leave my thoughts.” – Horror Digest

Co-Creator: Sean Ferguson
Agency: Single Malt