Defining Medicine

2016 Campaign

From the beginning of our relationship with OU Medicine, they were facing a public perception problem as the hospital that provides indigent care in Oklahoma City. The stigma of being outdated and for only the lower-income population was shadowing the truth behind their investments in new buildings and technologies, as well as performing cutting-edge, global research. OU Medicine was also up against some big spenders locally – competitors were annually outspending them as much as 8-to-1. 

In 2016, we developed a research-based medicine message with the "Defining Medicine" campaign. Positioning OU Medicine as a pioneer by highlighting their impact on modern medicine worldwide. The creative – ranging from TV, radio, outdoor, print, digital, social video and press events – featured top researchers sharing their experiences and conveying their passion for developing life-saving procedures. 

The campaign launched late, hitting the market at the beginning of the second quarter. However, the positive results were immediate. According to data from National Research Corporation (NRC), the perception that OU Medicine is “unique” compared to other hospitals in the Oklahoma City market rose from 19.9% in the first quarter to 46.5% in the second. The increased uniqueness also led to a 21.5% increase in “overall quality” perceptions of the brand.


DoP/Editor: Matthew Grice
Producer: Bessma Kasim
Agency: Staplegun